Dan Charles Agency

The Dan Charles Agency was formed approximately in 1928 by Dan Charles. Dan spent the early years of his life in the pulp and paper industry and then worked his way up to become the main buyer of newsprint for Hearst Newspaper chain. Dan was 42 years old when he decided to start his own manufacturer representative agency. He then began to sell consumable supplies required by pulp and paper mills. From 1928 to 1948, when he died, Dan sold exclusively to the pulp and paper industry in the Western United States and all of Canada. His wife, Vernice Charles was President of the company, after Dan’s death, from 1948 until 1952; when her brother Norman McCurdie became president. In 1959, Victor Risley bought into the Dan Charles Agency and became partners with Norm McCurdie. Vic and Norm then moved the company from Seattle, WA to Vancouver, Washington in 1959.

In 1968 Mr. McCurdie retired and Vic Risley assumed the          presidency of the company. In 1970 Thomas A. Wilson joined Dan Charles Agency. Vic Risley retired in 1989 and Tom Wilson became president. Currently, Dan Charles Agency consists of three full-time sales and service people, as well as a full-time office staff. Our territory continues to be all of the Western United States. Since moving from Seattle, Dan Charles has had offices in three different locations in Vancouver, WA. Today, we make our home at 1101 NE 144th Street, Suite 109, Vancouver, WA 98685, where we maintain a 20,000 square foot office and warehouse. Dan Charles Agency continues to provide excellent sales and service support to our customers in the pulp, paper and composite board industries. Our current principles can be viewed on our products page.


Dave Cozzens


2012 - Present


Tom Wilson


1989 - 2012


Victor Risley


1968 - 1989


Norman McCurdie


1952 - 1968


Vernice Charles


1948 - 1952


Dan Charles

Founder & President

1928 - 1948